About KidsHubTV

KidsHubTV is part of a global disciple-making strategy called KidsHubs where groups of children and leaders master skills as they are mastered by the Bible.

The television show is about a group of children and their leaders who learn fun skills, explore the Bible, and follow Jesus together. The KidsHubTV website features a variety of Bible and skill videos that are featured on the television show all around the world.

Leaders teach skills that children are already interested in, like sport, and use teachable moments to model what being a disciple looks like. Children are clever and able, and can learn to serve God now by His grace—just like their growing leaders.

KidsHubTV! It's happening all over the world, encouraging partnership and connecting communities.

Fun skills! Growing faith! Awesome God!

Find out more on the What is KidsHubTV? channel!

You could start your own KidsHub and make a video of your group or a Bible story to send to us.

Every moment is an opportunity to disciple the next generation, (Deut. 6:5-9).