Take Down Procedure

KidsHubTV's Terms of Service prohibit users from infringing the copyright of third parties. KidsHubTV takes seriously any claim that any of the material on its website is an infringement of such rights.

Accordingly, KidsHubTV has a process in place to help protect these rights.

If you believe that material posted on the KidsHubTV website is an infringement of your copyright, or other intellectual property rights, please complete a Notice of Claimed Infringement form (a "Notice") and submit it to KidsHubTV's designated representative at the following details (contact info@kidshubtv.com for a Notice):

Jane Dixon
PO Box 809
Hornsby 1630
NSW, Australia
+61 2 9477 3961 (T)
+61 2 9477 5825 (F)

Please ensure that you have completed the Notice accurately and in full, and that it has been signed by you.

Completion and submission of a Notice by you amounts to a statement that:

  • you believe in good faith that the allegedly infringing use is not authorised by the copyright owner
  • that the information in the Notice is accurate
  • that you are either the owner of the copyright in the relevant material or you are the copyright owner's agent.

Upon receipt of a properly completed Notice, KidsHubTV will remove the allegedly infringing material from its website.

KidsHubTV will then contact the user that contributed the allegedly infringing material and provide them with a copy of your Notice. KidsHubTV will also notify them of their right to issue a counter-notice (please contact [info@kidshubtv.com] for a counter notice) within three months of receipt of your Notice.

If the contributor of the allegedly infringing material wishes to dispute its removal, they must submit a counter-notice to KidsHubTV. KidsHubTV will then send you a copy of this counter-notice.

If, following receipt of a counter-notice, you do not bring injunction proceedings to restrain the allegedly infringing activities within 10 days after the date of KidsHubTV notifying you of the counter-notice, or you are subsequently unsuccessful in any such proceedings, KidsHubTV will restore access to the material on the KidsHubTV website.

Please note that it is an offence to knowingly make a material misrepresentation in a Notice or counter-notice submitted under this policy.

If you have any questions in relation to this policy, please contact the designated representative at the contact details above.